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About BTJ

BTJ is a leading supplier of media services (media products and information services). Our services simplify things and help our clients to save money and resources. We connect physical or digital media to information about them, so that our clients can find the right media, in the right amount of time, and for the right price. Our clients are professional users, mainly knowledge and research-related businesses, such as libraries, universities, companies and organizations.

We have 200 employees in Sweden and Finland and a turnover of approx. 660 million Swedish kronor. BTJ is a privately owned company.

BTJ Group AB consists of two companies, BTJ Sverige AB and BTJ Finland Oy.

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BTJ besöksadress: Scheelevägen 32  •  Postadress: 221 82 Lund    046-180 000  •  info@btj.se  •  Personuppgiftspolicy